Tongue-ties and lip-ties can be tricky to diagnose properly, and training in this area is lacking among healthcare professionals. The subject is not covered in dental or medical schools, or even in residency programs. A provider must seek out additional training and continuing education to be up on the latest trends and diagnostic factors. Dr. Ray Tseng attends several tongue-tie-
related conferences every year and is up-to-date on the latest tongue-tie information. We are happy to evaluate your child and, if there is a restriction, give you our recommendation for treatment. Often times, parents will sense that something is not right, even after another provider has told them there is no restriction. They come to us for a second opinion and we evaluate the child, identify the restriction, and provide treatment. After the child receives the care they need, the issue resolves. Unfortunately, this scenario happens weekly in our office, so Dr. Tseng is working on several research projects to help educate not only providers but also parents.