What is a Tongue Tie? Who needs us?

Tongue Tie is when function of the tongue is restricted by the frenulum -the tissue that connects it to the floor of the mouth. Many parents who hear about the possibility that this is causing their child to struggle feel overwhelmed and confused. We’re here for you!

At the NC Tongue Tie Center, we think parents are the most important members of their child’s healthcare team. We are committed to providing a compassion-filled experience as we help you and your family achieve your infant feeding, eating, speech, and airway goals. We are committed to a thorough diagnostic process, treatment that meets all needs, and detailed follow up. We care for your children like they’re our own.

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By Your Side. From Start To Finish.

From our thorough consultations, and our dedicated guest services coordinator, we’ll walk you through every step of the process to provide a seamless experience from start to finish. The NC Tongue Tie Center is a local
practice- no corporate offices, no unanswered calls or emails, no barriers to getting your questions answered. Just real people, here to help you all along the way.

What Sets Our Practice Apart?

Integrative and Personalized

Our integrative infant feeding model combines care from a bodyworker and infant feeding expert with our frenectomy services to provide a comprehensive array of services available at one appointment. Also included in our model is a support group and extensive education about supporting babies during the recovery process. We work with a variety of professionals such as lactation consultants, speech therapists, eating therapists, occupational therapists, and bodyworkers to provide a complete start to finish approach when addressing lip and tongue ties. We understand that the process of diagnoses, treatment, and recovery can feel overwhelming so we work to do as much of the “heavy lifting” as possible.

Evidence-Based, For Real Results

During our consultation, we will take a thorough and individualized approach to assessing your child. We’ll help you sort through all the sources of information you may have pulled from and update you on how the most current evidence and science relates to your child, to help you make an informed decision. Additionally, the NC Tongue Tie Center functions as a research center, dedicated to using the experiences of parents and care givers today, to help those of tomorrow. Your experience with us today will help tongue-tied babies for years to come.

We Think of Every Aspect Possible

 Is your baby experiencing failure to thrive? Are you in pain? Struggling with colic or reflux? Driving from far away? Worried about costs? Give us a call so we can work together to figure out what you need. We do everything we can to think of all the needs that families have. We understand the leap of faith it takes to reach out and honor that from beginning to end.

We Work With Your Insurance

Insurance can be confusing and we’re here to help! We work with and file to medical and dental insurances, from pre-authorizations to advocating for you and your child. We make sure there are no surprise charges for you through preauthorization and transparency about costs.

All Inclusive Pricing

If insurance is not an option due to lack of coverage or high deductibles, we have special all inclusive pricing for those that do not want to involve insurance.

One Year, 100% Guarantee

In the rare chance that a mouth restriction grows back within a year, we’ll fix it again, free!

What Are The Symptoms?

The decision to revise is based on the presence of symptoms, or the possibility of future symptoms.

  • Significant problems with breastfeeding

  • Inability to extend tongue past lips, lift the tongue fully upwards or move it side to side

  • Speech problems, delays and/or lisps

  • Choking, gagging and/or vomiting on liquids and/or foods

  • Picky eater may have solid food aversions, preferring purees and/or very soft foods

  • Dribbling and/or mouth breathing

  • Digestive problems, constipation, reflux

  • Headaches and/or migraines

  • Dental and oral health problems including cavities, gum disease and/or bad breath

  • Inability to chew age-appropriate solid foods in a normal amount of time

  • Gagging, choking or vomiting on certain foods, or eating an abnormally small amount of food

  • Pouching/holding food in the mouth

  • Difficulties related to dental hygiene

  • Persistence of dribbling

  • Delayed development of speech

  • Deterioration in speech

  • Behavior problems

  • Loss of self-confidence because they feel and sound ‘different’


HOW DO YOU EVALUATE FOR TONGUE-TIES?2020-02-24T18:26:19-05:00

We utilize a questionnaire to identify all symptoms that could be related to a lip or tongue tie. We thoroughly interview the parent to document the child’s history and discuss any functional issues. Next, we document and perform a full clinical evaluation of the child to determine the degree of restriction. If a restriction does exist, we take photos inside the mouth with our special camera to make sure we can visualize the unique structure of the tongue- or lip-tie before developing a plan for treatment.


We find that initial visits and consultations are covered by most medical and dental insurances. Medical/health insurance plans may cover both the exam and procedures, however the coverage limits vary greatly, and may depend on the age of your child, the functional symptoms they’re experiencing, which therapies you’ve already tried, and many other factors. Our guest services team will walk you through every step, and our office will advocate for you when working with your insurance company. Give us a call for more information regarding your specific medical or dental insurance.

HOW WILL I PAY FOR OUR VISIT?2020-02-24T18:24:46-05:00

Our payment options include cash, credit card, and CareCredit, which offers no-interest financing for six months. Your payment (as defined by your insurance) is due in full at the time the exam or procedure is performed. The procedure is an investment in your child’s current and future health, as we see issues with breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, eating solids, speaking resolve after the procedure.


Tongue-ties and lip-ties can be tricky to diagnose properly, and training in this area is lacking among healthcare professionals. The subject is not covered in dental or medical schools, or even in residency programs. A provider must seek out additional training and continuing education to be up on the latest trends and diagnostic factors. Dr. Ray Tseng attends several tongue-tie-
related conferences every year and is up-to-date on the latest tongue-tie information. We are happy to evaluate your child and, if there is a restriction, give you our recommendation for treatment. Often times, parents will sense that something is not right, even after another provider has told them there is no restriction. They come to us for a second opinion and we evaluate the child, identify the restriction, and provide treatment. After the child receives the care they need, the issue resolves. Unfortunately, this scenario happens weekly in our office, so Dr. Tseng is working on several research projects to help educate not only providers but also parents.

We brought our two week old son in for a lip tie and tongue tie revision. I was at the end of my rope with so many issues breastfeeding when we were referred here. I’m so glad we were because Dr Ray and his staff were super helpful, knowledgeable and kind.

Brittany Adee

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